Camping, Hiking and Long Distance Driving with a Baby – Our Holiday in Central Australia

This Easter my husband baby Finn and I loaded up the car and drove to Uluru, Kings Canyon, Kata Tutja and the MacDonnell Ranges National Park for a camping and hiking holiday. It didn’t involve any overnight hikes so we could bring some of our bigger stuff. Here in Australia we call that kind of camping ‘glamping’ as it is all the more ‘glamourous!’.

I’ve created these two videos for you. One has just nice scenery and footage of our trip. The other is more informative and is full of tips about what made travelling and camping with our baby easier and what we might do differently next time if we were to go on a similar trip.

Overall it was a wonderful holiday and i highly recommend getting out with your baby and going camping. It is great for them to experience a different environment and you shouldn’t let a baby stop you have a wonderful holiday. Really with a baby not a lot changes except you need to be more prepared and also go a bit slower both with travelling and hiking.

So enjoy!