Featured imageWelcome to My Minimalist Baby. This blog compliments my Youtube channel  here.

This channel and blog focuses on living minimalist lifestyle (with a child), frugality, babywearing, DIY projects, permaculture and working towards a zero waste lifestyle.

My name is Ange. I used to live in a small town in desert central Australia with my husband and baby Finn. Now I have pulled up sticks with my family and we are based in rural Victoria on a 20 acre property which we overtime hope to convert into a permaculture food forest.  I first came to minimalism without even knowing it by name or that it was a philosophy of living. In my early 20s I moved to Canberra to start a new life as a postgraduate student working on a research project and many consultancy jobs that involved a lot of fieldwork in various parts of the country. It didn’t make sense to own a lot of stuff, in fact when i first arrived in Canberra I only had with me a hiking backpack of clothing and my ipod with the contents of my old laptop on it. Eventually I bought a bicycle, a bedside lamp, a small collapsible wardrobe and a set of sheets to use with the mattress that I was borrowing to sleep on the floor in the share-house that I lived in.

I lived like this not because I couldn’t afford to otherwise, but because not owning things gave me the freedom to pack up and move instantly when I needed which was necessary due to my work. As i was doing more and more fieldwork, for what became most months of the year I eventually moved out of the share-house and became a real nomad either living in the accommodation provided by my fieldwork, house sitting, going on holidays or visiting family to fill in other times. Around this time I also bought a car. I made sure everything I owned could fit in this car.

Fast forward a few more years and while doing an extended period of fieldwork I met my now husband, settled in the remote mining town where I met him, found a full-time job, lived in a proper 3 bedroom rental and had a baby. When I first started living in more standard housing I did get excited about being able to accumulate some more belongings. However the stress that comes from owning alot of stuff and wondering what I will have to do with it when I move has always stayed me with me. When ever i’ve travelled and had only a suitcase of stuff i’ve also been very happy with how easy life is with less stuff.

My husband and I have begun our long term plan of living on 20 acre property in rural Victoria that we now own 100% debt free and and are now working on becoming completely financially free (through frugality and saving) and self-sufficient for our food/energy/water etc using permaculture methods .  To achieve this goal we need to save, hard. Thus going back to my minimalist roots and bringing him and our new child along for the ride really works with our goals. Combining our new interest in a zero waste lifestyle and doing alot of things for ourselves our lifestyle now probably better described as Simple Living.

What I like most about this lifestyle is how it provides a meaningful alternative to consumerism. I definitely feel the pull of the desire to buy new things sometimes especially if there is anything deeper missing from my life, but it really helps to remind myself of the benefits of freedom from clutter and of our bigger goals (as well as sorting out those deeper issues something I have previously discussed in depth as i feel it is the key to sustainably living this type of lifestyle). That and getting rid of unnecessary stuff just feels so good!

While I would have done it myself in the early days, as a family we will never be the kind of extreme minimalists that only own 100 things. That just doesn’t work when there are other people in your lives and it also won’t work for us with the development of our farm which requires lots of tools and odds and ends to construct things. My take is instead like many other minimalists that have inspired me: only own what has meaning in your life. Therefore it is not about a number, but of having just what works, what makes us feel good and what enables us to live our dream.

This blog and channel is more than just about minimalism. I also draw from the philosophies of frugality and living environmentally sustainably. Thus you will find in here plenty about DIY projects, using cloth diapers, and babywearing. Because many of these philosophies have slightly different goals and tools it wouldn’t be right to call myself a ‘minimalist’ (despite this blog’s title), an attachment parent or any other label. These categories are too rigid and dogmatic. I never want be in the position where I blindly make certain choices in my life simply just so i can maintain a label I have aligned myself with. That doesn’t work when the goal is freedom 🙂 Instead I try to live consciously and intentionally.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found your blog and I love it! I binge watched your youtube videos and you’ve really inspired me 🙂
    We are looking to have a bub in the next year, so will be bookmarking your blog and checking back regularly.

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  2. I’ve just found you YouTube channel and then linked through to your blog. I love the information and the lifestyle. My family (me, my husband and almost two year old) are living with very similar philosophies on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. Thank so much for sharing.

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  3. I love your Youtube channel and have commented a couple times but just now checked out your blog.

    Could you do a post or a video on fun things you do with your son nowadays as opposed to just buying lots of new toys? Or an updated video on free things (or even non-free) to do with a toddler?

    Thank you for your blog/videos!

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    1. Just so you know the #toyfreechallenge is inspired after your request. I’ll be doing some more videos updating on the specific activities we do during the month and the diy toys we made. I’m hoping it will actually catch on and lots of people will end up doing the challenge and sharing this ideas.


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