How some Vegan Comparisons are Both Wrong and Sexist

This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. And that is some comparison certain high profile people make in the vegan community with animal products and human bodily fluids. Look i get it – you are trying to gross people out into being vegan. The problem is that you are completely biologically incorrect in this comparison. This makes you look uneducated and silly and completely detracts from the purpose of your movement. Additionally many of these comparisons actually can be rather harmful to women in a way that perpetuates sexism in the idea that natural female bodily functions are some how gross.

There are two common statements in particular. The first: “eating chicken eggs is eating a chicken’s period“. The idea being that eating an egg is the same as eating female human monthly blood. Now firstly this particular statement is completely biologically incorrect. A human period is the uterine lining being shed – not her egg. The egg if unfertilised isn’t even in the uterus (it wouldn’t get there until several days after being fertilised, if it was fertilised) and is simply reabsorbed into her body. A chicken egg on the other hand – well it is the egg of a chicken. They are not the same and making the comparison is 1 stupid and 2 perpetuates the idea that women’s fertility cycles are some how shameful and disgusting. Note that the same comparison is not made with male sex fluids of which many people including vegans would actually even consume without disgust.

Next statement “if you drink cow’s milk you are drinking puss”. This one is less biologically incorrect. My issue with this statement however is that it again labels milk products as gross which is an issue when it comes to increasing acceptance of breastfeeding human moms. Babies drink quite a similar milk from their moms, which also can have puss – and even blood. I remember when i personally dealt with cracked and infected nipples when i had a newborn the health nurse said it was fine if my milk was pink from blood as it wouldn’t hurt the baby and if it got too bad they’d just stop drinking it. Grossed out? Maybe you are, but you really shouldn’t be as it is a fact of life and a greater acceptance of breastfeeding is crucial for both the feminist movement and children’s health.There is already a small group of vegans and non-vegans that think breastfeeding human babies is not vegan because it is technically an animal product. This kind of thinking again makes vegans look silly and extreme. I have no issue with the argument that cow milk is designed for baby cows (although saying that does make you sound a bit like a religious creationist, but that’s fine). My issue is with these attempts for these foods to be made ‘gross’ in our minds.

So that’s really the main ones. Now if you are vegan before you get all upset at this post, I’m not against veganism, in fact i support it. However i’m against stupidity and the perpetuation of ideas that ultimately disempower women. Personally i’d much rather people argue for veganism based on ethics or environmental impact or health – not try and gross people into it. So don’t get upset when someone points out you are wrong if you use these statements. Honestly people using these same statements over and over – some of these people i’m SURE must have done a little high school science in the past and actually know what an egg and period is – it makes you seem just brainwashed. Again that is not something that is going to attract people to veganism. Think and speak for yourself. May the animals and the environment be saved despite this stupidity.


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