Some Things To do Other than Shop (#MomsLife) | Minimalism

This post is inspired by a great video by a great minimalist channel Jenny Träumerin  where she listed some activities she liked to do instead of going shopping. So check that out for some more ideas, but these are the things I personally like to do which is from the perspective of a mom with a todder.

1. Go for a Walk/Run/Pokemon Go/Ingress/Geocache/Hike
Getting out of the house and going for a walk. Because i live in a rural place without footpaths and i have a 1 year old it does take a little more logistics. Usually i’ll have my son with me so if we are walking locally which will then be in the forest I’ll put him in a toddler carrier on my back. If we are walking around one of the local towns or the small city nearby i’ll push him around in his pram. We particularly enjoy walking around lakes or combining the walk with time in a playground.

2. Hanging out at a Local Community Drop-in/Children’s Centre
There is a wonderful drop-in centre in Ballarat we frequently go to called Parent’s Place. It’s provided by the Ballarat city council so completely free and it’s a wonderful safe place with lots of toys, free coffee and always lots of other mom’s and volunteers to talk to. Since i’m fairly new to the area and are yet to really get to know a lot of people this has been great for giving me a place were i can talk to people and it’s also one of my son’s favourite places to spend a lot of time and play.

3. Playgrounds
I get as much pleasure from helping my 1 year old around a playground as i did when i was kid playing on them myself. So much fun discovering all the different ones locally.

4. Swim
This is the only activity i’ll list that costs money but my son does weekly swimming leasons and given his age i have go get in there with him. It’s an indoor heated pool so this is a year round activity for us. Because of his membership too we can actually go in a swim together for no additional cost anytime. Teaching my son to swim is very important as we have a dam on our property and death by drowning on farms is one of the biggest danger for small children.

5. Play with our Animals
We have chickens and a dog. We also have sheep on our property (not ours), some of which are pets of the owner so super friendly. Our property is 20 acres with a big hill and a fantastic view from the top. So walking up playing with the sheep along the way and letting our dog run free around the fields is great activity. My son is even able to walk up the whole way now and loves chasing after the sheep.

6. Go for a Bike Ride
I need to do this one more, but when i have it’s been great. We got a child’s seat on the back of my bike so I can go for rides on one of the many fantastic bike paths around Ballarat with my son. It’s a great weekend family activity too. We have the one child’s seat but 2 attachments so we can move the seat either to my bike or my husband’s which is great.

7. Go to a Playgroup
We have a local playgroup that meets weekly and i’m involved in running. It’s a great way to get out of the house, meet some people and give my son time to play with other kids who is likely to grow up with and go to school with when he’s older.

8. Invite a Friend Over for Coffee
One of our wedding gifts was a really high quality expresso machine so we don’t need to buy coffee out very often. It is nice having one of my friends over to our house and her kid’s will play with mine. I personally like socialising in smaller groups to get to know people better.

9. Garden
Since we have 20 acres that will all eventually be part of our self-sufficient permaculture system there is endless gardening to do! Finn is now at an age he always wants to help, which is sometimes helpful, sometimes not. But either way he loves being outside in the garden.

10. Create Content
One activity i might do inside my house when i have a few spare minutes is create a video for my channel or a blog post. I find this a great outlet for creativity and communication. If i could just work out a way of lighting my space on cloudy rainy day’s i’d be set as so many of my other activities aren’t the best on rainy days.

11. Learn to DIY Something New
I’m always trying new things in the DIY realm. I find it really enjoyable and sometimes i discover that the homemade version works really well and it becomes a part of my regular routine. I’ve honestly tried more things that i could possibly list over the years but maybe some ideas you could try that i have enjoyed making are:

sourdough bread
baked beans
various spice mixes including Dukkah
almond milk
various cleaning products
apple cider vinegar


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