Things I’ve Learned from my Favourite Youtubers

I was thinking about some of my favourite youtubers. And i’d like to share them with you. Foremost i want this to be about the life changing deep learning that i’ve received from these people so not a standard review. So here goes!

Learning to Play
Inspiration from Brittany Taylor

I’ve always found it difficult to be motivated to exercise. For a while i did get into running for a bit but injury, pregnancy it’s general intensity has made it difficult for me to maintain a running practice. Brittany Taylor is one of my all time favourite youtubers for a number of reasons. One important thing i’ve learnt from her is the power of play. She focuses on changing the language she uses for things like work or exercise and swaps them out for more fun words like play. Her favourite exercise is acrobatics which looks incredibly fun. Watching her channel i remembered how much i enjoyed gymnastics as a child and things like jumping on trampolines and playing on playground equipment. It has changed my view of exercise entirely. Right now i’m doing things like playing Ingress and Pokemon Go which provides me movement. I also intend to get back into an adult gymnastics class i’ve found once my thesis is complete. Having a fitness tracker has really helped me change my perspective from one of ‘exercise’ to simply ‘movement’ too so now i focus on just moving enough in whatever most fun, playful way fits with my current day and i can see it is actually making more of a difference to my fitness and health.

Learning when Enough is Enough
Inspiration from Sea and Silva

Haley from Sea and Silva has chosen a life of less. She has dropped out of the standard work life to pursue her passion of creating youtube content which aims to inspire others in intentional living. What sets her apart from the many others that have followed a similar professional youtube path is that she is intentionally trying to show that you have a rich and vibrant life living on the US poverty line of $1000 a day. This is all she wants to live on and isn’t trying to go big or viral and doesn’t even monetize her videos instead using patron. To me this speaks volumes of someone that lives with incredible integrity and she certainly seems to be content living at this level. While this is not personally the path i want to live, i gain enormous inspiration from her and she is a wonderful reminder that what I have is enough. That time and the oportunity to create is more important than money or things. That with good quality, meaningful content a channel will slowly grow in a way that contributes to others lives. You don’t need 100K subscribers to be making a difference. It wouldn’t surprise me though if her channel does eventually get that though as it is extremely good content with high production values.

Smart People and Logical Arguments have their Place
Inspiration from Unnatural Vegan and A Privileged Vegan

It has often felt like youtube was a world for frivolity. Makeup demos, shopping hauls, vlogs of meaningless. Certainly any video i’ve done that touches on fashion or style has got multiple more views than anything else. It is easy to think that is all that people want and that will have a voice on youtube. Delve deeper however and there are many extremely bright, academic youtubers out there. Two of these that I enjoy are Unnatural Vegan and A Privileged Vegan. Both use real common sense and get deeply into the meaning of things from a logical standpoint. Both of these are obviously vegan, but it isn’t veganism that i bring away from these channels. Instead it is inspiration that there is in fact an audience for a more educated, pragmatic view. That it is not necessary to ‘dumb things down’ or brush over things in order to make a point and reach an audience. Sure both of these channels also receive of criticism as do any bigger channels, but they take any negativity they attract with grace and continue to provide a really refreshing perspective in a world of pseudoscience and ignorance.

Embrace being an Introvert if you are One
Inspiration from 40 Below Fruity

Tara is clearly an introvert. Until very recently she lived in a log cabin in the Canadian wilderness with just her former boyfriend and dog. She does a lot of vlogs and her life generally consisted of going for walks in nature, doing yoga and eating fruit. She never involved herself with online drama and honestly just seemed like one of the most content people online. This I believe is because she has consisted lived according to her values and core needs rather than trying to conform to pressures of society or what others might want from her. This is the inspiration i get from her channel and as an introvert myself can definitely relate.

I’ll probably do more of these in the future as i’m always gaining inspiration from others. X


2 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned from my Favourite Youtubers

    1. She has left living in the Canadian forest to join Sea Shepherd full time so the content might not be quite as lovely going forward since she can’t film much of their work due to privacy. But she has a big library of old videos you could go through to enjoy. x


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