The 2 Outfit Minimalist Challenge

I’ve been really inspired lately with the accounts of several individuals who spent a whole year only 1 one outfit, usually a black dress (all have been women thus far i’ve read about). One of these is at the The Uniform Project.

I love a good challenge as it usually creates lasting change in my outlook. This was certainly the case when i previously challenged myself to go a whole year without buying any new clothing (except underwear, socks and shoes), and only buying 2nd hand when I needed something. This was several years ago now and has had a dramatic change in the way that i continue to buy clothing.

So I love the idea of challenging myself to this kind of thing of only wearing one outfit. But I think 1 year in one dress is too much for me. Firstly I have a young toddler who makes me frequently dirty so I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the laundry. I also cannot justify the cost of buying one item of clothing that would be durable enough for this amount of time at the present time.   It isn’t really my style to wear a dress all the time, i’d feel quite uncomfortable in one around the home which is where i spend most of my day and doing things like gardening etc. And finally the people that did wear 1 dress for a year in part did it to make a statement to the world and probably would have got the personal growth many months before the end of their projects. As the statement and message has already been made my these lovely ladies i’ll be doing this for myself, not others.

Hence I want this to be a realistic, achievable challenge for me that will give me the perspective shift i’m looking for without it feeling overly painful. Therefore I’ve decided to change the challenge quite a bit to suit my lifestyle. I’ll be just doing a month and i’ll have 2 outfits. One will be jeans and a black t-shirt of which both I already own. The 2nd outfit will be probably  black dress of some sort of which i’m yet to find (hopefully i’ll find something 2nd hand).

I will still wear whatever other items i want for pjs and running clothing for working out. And i’ll use whatever accessories I already own to dress things up.

So things I’m curious about exploring during this challenge:

  • Will I be able to find something second hand that i’ll be happy enough wearing as much as i will be during the challenge (ie is this kind of thing achievable for people not wanting to spend $100 on an outfit).
  • Will the washing routine be overly painful?
  • How long will it take for people in my life to notice (i’m not going to tell anyone I see day to day, not even my husband).
  • Will it be free-ing or will I feel that i need to spend more time thinking about accessorising than I currently do.
  • Is this something I might be able to do long term with an even more paired down wardrobe than i currently do (I already have a capsule wardrobe loosely following project 333).
  • How many things did i actually wear during the month? I will take note of all accessories and things like jackets and whatnot that i add to the core outfit.
  • And finally do ‘regular’ clothing hold up to this kind of use or would it really only be possible in the long term with hard wearing more quality, expensive items.
  • By the end of the challenge am I never wanting to wear the clothes again?

Ok so the challenge won’t be starting until i can find a suitable black dress or whatever that will work. This might be more difficult than it sounds given that i’d like to find one second hand and my body shape (top half) can make certain styles not fit me well so this can be at time challenging, probably why i haven’t regularly worn a dress in a few years! If that doesn’t work i’ll settle for a skirt and top.

Have you ever done anything like this before? I realise many people backpacking would and that is something i always enjoyed while travelling. But that is a little different of a type of context as others are probably going to be more understanding of you wearing the same thing every day (if they even notice) while travelling.

Anyway i’m quite excited about this new challenge and will post again once i’ve got together my 2 outfits.


2 thoughts on “The 2 Outfit Minimalist Challenge

  1. Hi from Melbourne! good luck with this challenge! I actually have the dress pattern from The Uniform Project when it was still available (never got around to making it!). I think the original project she had 2 or 3 of the same dress in rotation which would help with the laundry factor. That dress can be worn backwards or forwards so it had a bit of variety.

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    1. Hi! I had a look online for that dress pattern but saw it was sold out. I thought the original one was the nicest of the different versions she came up with although i’d want the hem a little longer than the original. Interesting she had multiple ones. I’ll be hitting up some Melbourne op shops i think (Savers primarily) i think for my black dress.


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