Minimalism after Downsizing

We moved into a smaller house about 2 months ago now and i’m think this has heralded a new phase for minimalism for us. Our previous home was much bigger. It had the same number of rooms but each room was bigger which allowed us to fit more sets of drawers in the bedroom, and in the kitchen in particular we had a lot more space for everything.

While living in our previous home we had purged probably around 1/3rd of everything that we owned and we felt really quite minimalist. We had so much space it was amazing! But when you take the same number of items and move them into a smaller space then things feel a lot different. We could get a cheaper smaller home because we had become minimalist but now we have to become much better at organising than we currently are to get that same feeling of space and airiness that I like. It is definitely still a work in progress. For one of the first times in my life i’m contemplating go to a storage solutions shop (the kind that sell boxes and shelving etc for your home).

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love living here. We get 20 acres so plenty space outdoors. But right now i’m not feeling like i’ve lived up to our ‘minimalist’ label we’ve given ourselves and this blog/channel and yet i know that is silly because we really only have the things we use, the things we love and that give value to our lives. It just fills up a greater % of our home that where we used to live.

Have any of you experienced downsizing? I love to hear your thoughts!




2 thoughts on “Minimalism after Downsizing

  1. We have probably purged over 75% of our stuff. I sold all my tall Ikea bookshelves and bought a three shelf one at my local antique mall. Every book on that shelf I love. There aren’t shelves with books that I never look at. After reading about minimalism I completely jumped in full force. I took this last summer to sell what I could and purge what I couldn’t sell. I am so much more aware of what I’m bringing in verses what is going out. When I’m at the store I find that I really think about what the cost is and do I really want to give up space for it. I spend much less time shopping for stuff. I mainly grocery shop. I feel like my brain has been set free. I would love to have a tiny home and eventually try to help others who perhaps cannot afford a home but could totally do a tiny home and not destroy themselves financially. I never would have thought of a tiny home because I had too much stuff. I would have been thinking about how I can fit all the stuff instead of challenging myself to have what I need to free up my life for something better.

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  2. We have been living in a caravan (trailer) for the last 15 months while we build our new place. We were living in a very big old house before. I didn’t want to spend a lot on storage for furniture and other stuff so I sold or gave away a great many things before we moved and only kept things we used often or have value to us because they are beautiful and/or were given to us by special people. Our stuff is coming out of store in a couple of weeks and we are moving into our new house and I honestly cant remember a lot of what I’ve stored. I wonder if some of it will seem so important now we’ve grown so used to living without it.

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