Natural Bicarb-Soda Free Deoderant that Actually Works and Reduces Waste

I’m on a mission to reduce the amount of waste that we create and not just what goes to landfill but reduce everything so that less needs to be processed at recycling facilities as well.  Thus i’m gradually making changes which will help us towards a lower waste lifestyle.

I also like to make healthier choices when it comes to personal products and for a long time have avoided aluminium based deodorants. So this change not only fits with that goal but also reduces the amount of waste i’ve been previously creating from empty deodorant bottles.

In case you haven’t already heard it is a good idea, especially as a woman to avoid aluminium based deodorants. This is because studies of women with breast cancer found higher than normal amounts of aluminium in their cancer cells so it is theorised that due to the armpit being connected to breast tissue that it is from deodorants that this aluminium came and it is possible it may have contributed to the women getting breast cancer. Since it is not known definitively one way or another I like to not take the risk personally.

Some people though think that using ‘crystal’ deodorants are a more safe choice. Unfortunately this is not the case as these crystals are made of pure aluminium salts and have even more of this metal we might want to avoid then even the regular commercial deodorants. It doesn’t matter that these crystals are formed by nature. Remember not everything nature produces we want to put on or in our body, after all asbestos and arsenic are also a natural product.

Anyway to get to my recipe. I already knew from trying a commercial natural deodorant as well as from my no poo experiments that my skin is overly sensitive to bicarb soda. So instead I have created the following recipe. And I have to say it actually worked!

Pour into a spray bottle:

Witch Hazel
10 drops tea tree oil
10 drops eucalyptus oil
10 drop lavender oil

Since the oil would be floating on the witch hazel in the bottle i always give it a shake before using. And that’s it!

What really excites me about this recipe too is that i’m looking into actually growing my own witch hazel tree and making my own extract to use. Then the total amount of waste this deodorant would produce would be even less. In the meantime there are plenty of places that sell the extra and oils in bulk so should last many many refills of the spray bottle.

The other nice thing too is this would also work great at soothing insect bites!


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