Our New Zero Waste Challenge

We have been living at our farm now for about a month and are super excited about how things in the garden and house are coming together. Our long term plan is to turn the property into a self-sufficient permaculture food forest and already we are getting salad greens out the garden and have our summer annuals like tomatoes and eggplant in the ground. The plan isn’t to just do permaculture in our garden though, we want to make it part of our whole lifestyle including in our home.

Already we have been repurposing many items we would we have previously thrown away or recycled. This includes keeping all our egg cartons, toilet rolls, glass jars etc. And we are doing our best to use the resources we have on our property for the garden rather than buying in as much as possible. But we want to take it up a notch.

I want to reduce the amount of waste we produce, and slowly move towards using more reuseable rather than disposable items. This includes looking for items such as clothing that are more durable and “buy it for life” as well as moving our kitchen items away from plastics to glass and metal for example. This isn’t going to be an overnight change however as if we were to throw away all our plastic containers and buy all new glass ones that would be both expensive and generate a lot of waste in one go.

So instead we are going to replace things when they break with the better quality more environmentally friendly options and also probably make one small change once a month that way purchases can be more spread out. Not everything will need new purchases either!

So i plan to bring you all along this journey on my youtube channel. For things that we do buy if they work out well i’ll do product reviews but that will be at a minimum as at the same time I don’t want this to become yet another materialistic channel especially given it’s minimalist roots. I guess this is kind of where the conflict lies between the three philosophies we try to follow: minimalism, frugality and environmentalism. Thinking about that is certainly worth another post all to itself!


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