2 months of No Poo and I think i’ve Found my Happy Place

So for those interested in my experiments with the ‘No Poo’ method here is where im at. I’m still enjoying using my soapnut shampoo recipe. I probably wash my hair maybe 2x per week at the moment. And i’m not noticing it is really all that greasy or gross.

Every now and then (maybe every 3rd wash at the moment) i’ll do an egg wash instead. I’ve experimented a bit with the concoction i’m using and i’m really liking using just 2 egg yokes, a few tbs of water mixed together and then I add a few drops of teatree oil and eucalyptus oil (to stop itching) and then i put a small squirt of baby oil (it is Jojoba Company Baby oil which is predominately jojoba oil with some camomile essential oil it it).

I’m still using Sukin brand conditioner on just my ends and it feels just fantastic with this routine. I’m brushing with a boar bristle brush every day which helps distribute the natural oils.

I haven’t had to use my dry shampoo (arrowroot flour and cocoa powder) mix at all with this routine now so i’m guessing i’m through the ‘transition period’. The egg wash method has been the real breakthrough. And i’m happy to know that i’ve found another use for eggs which I will be getting lots of soon when we move to our farm and get some happy pet chickens.

I’m also thinking of looking into the Soapwort plant as a possible alernative to soapnuts. I love my soapnuts but there reality is they are a tropical import and i wouldn’t be able to grow them in my climate. Since my husband and I are wanting to be as self-sufficient as possible growing our own food then it would be nice if we could also grow something we can use to do washing with too. Soapwort is looking to be a promising alternative which will grow in a temperate climate. So i’ll be purchasing some seeds or a plant of this soon to plant at our property and try it out. Will keep you posted!

I think unless i change the routine for something with soapwort i’m unlikely to have anything to add to this except to say i’m very happy with my new no poo routine. It saves us money, i think it has really helped my hair’s health and it is nice to know i’m not adding unnecessary chemicals to my body.


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