Why I DO have a TV in my Bedroom

So a while back I talked about how my husband and I have been working hard to watch less TV especially around out baby. We instigated a rule that the TV would not be on while our baby was awake as we subscribe to the view that it could negatively affect his development for a variety of reasons. Also he is a good excuse to kick some of our TV addiction.

So to update on this we have been doing pretty well with this rule we made. I have definitely noticed I am much more productive and have more time for hobbies and housework. My husband has struggled somewhat though and we did use the excuse of a recent holiday to bend the rules a bit. I’ve also noticed that perhaps some of the TV watching has been replaced with reading and viewing content on our mobile phones and that definitely isn’t a good thing! I’ll be doing a post later on things i’ve been doing to try and kick my smart phone addiction in an attempt to be more present for my baby so stay tuned for that!

But right now i thought i’d talk about a recent change we’ve made. We’ve moved our one TV into our bedroom. We used to have 2 tvs, one in the bedroom and one in the living room and bedroom one was almost never used so I sold it in our minimalist purge.

Now we are a few weeks away from moving interstate and because we will probably be putting the TV on the wall in our new place (as it is more baby safe) and because the TV stand had lots of sharp corners that were causing an issue for our baby that has just learnt to pull himself up to standing on furniture i also sold the TV stand. The only logical place to keep the tv then was in our bedroom on one of our sets of drawers.

So while we have done this for practical purposes i think this will actually work really well for us with our attempt to watch less tv. Back to the original agreement that my husband and I made with each other that we won’t watch tv while Finn is awake. Well what was happening a lot before is after his bath i’d take him to bed to feed him to sleep. This takes quite a while and often i like to just lie there with him too before coming out to spend time with my husband before bed. While I was doing this my husband would typically watch tv. Now that the TV is in our bedroom he comes into the room with us and watches it while i’m putting Finn to sleep and then we just stay there until we want to go to sleep too.

It doesn’t seem to disturb Finn and i personally like it as now that nighttime feed time is family time us all snuggled together in the bed (we co-sleep). It also works well for us as Finn can’t be left on the bed himself anymore unless i put up the cot rail (which is hard to do without waking him) as he is now very capable of crawling and falling off the bed. So overall it is working for us. We tend to watch a couple of hours of tv in the evening while Finn is asleep which we enjoy and that is that.

So while you’ll find lots of ‘rule’s out there on what not to do and a tv in the bedroom is often one of them. Well it works for us. Do what works for you.

The end.


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