We are moving! Minimalism put to the test

My baby with our first compost pile at our farm.

So I have some exciting news we are moving house! Since 2008 ive been living in central Australia in a mining town in the desert. But in October we are packing up our home and shifting it all to a 20 acre farm in Victoria, Australia where it is anything but desert!

This move is going to be a great test of how minimalist our lives have become because as an interstate move shifting items is very expensive. Luckily our attempt to purge alot of unnecessary stuff over the last year already has made the process of moving easier.

Another challenge for us is how we can implement minimalist principles whilst trying to live a mostly self sufficient farming lifestyle. There is going to be a lot of odds and ends we are going to have to keep for future projects particularly for gardening and building. I think the way we can make this work is by having the house primarily minimalist but the sheds outside full of of this stored stuff.

This move is also bringing with it the opportunity to expand the content creation my husband and I will be undertaking. My Minimalist Baby was started as a way of me working out youtube in preparation for a future channel I’ll be working on with my husband documenting the development of a permaculture food forest on our property. It also became apparent I wanted a space of my own too where I had all the say over the content and my channel is a lot of fun to do and something I intend to probably continue as long as I have relevant content ideas.
I also have a number of other channels I want to develop. One on international cookery and another since the huge popularity of one video I did on sped up zentangle drawing videos.
So along with all the gardening and getting ourselves to a greater level of self sufficiency I imagine ill be very busy and very creatively fullfilled.

Moving to a property like we have has been a very long standing dream of ours and we feel so fortunate to have been able to manifest this lifestyle. My family has goals for complete financial independence and this is one step in that direction.


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