Soap Nut Shampoo Recipe for No Poo Haircare

I have now been using this method for a few months and are loving it. The only variation i can say that i’ve made since doing this video is i have done one egg yolk wash. After a couple months of doing this i was starting to get a waxy feel to my hair. This was fixed by doing an egg wash using 2 egg yolks whisked with a bit of water. This fixed it right away. I think i’ll be doing this every month or so.

For those interested in the science of eggs contain lecithin which is a natural emulsifier. This allows the oils from your hair to mix with the water which allows you to remove them. But eggs also contain protein and other vitamins that are great for your hair. You don’t want to use eggs too often however otherwise the protein to moisture ratio of hair will get out of balance. The protein strengthens the hair but too much can mean it dries out. From what i’ve read about once a month is ok though but it really depends on your individual hair.


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