How Minimalism Can Reduce the Stress of Uncertainty in Life

At the moment my life is shrouded in uncertainty. I’m about in as limbo as it gets. Will I stay living in my current town for the foreseeable future and go back to my job after my maternity leave ends in a few months, or will we be leaving for a completely different life interstate? The hard things Is we have known that this junction is coming for several months and that we have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over the outcome – it is all dependent on my husband’s employer.

For people that like to plan our lives to the nth degree this uncertainty has been very disconcerting and somewhat stressful. However minimalism has given us some of the control back over the situation so that we feel that we will be fine regardless of the impending situation.

By reducing the amount of unnecessary belongings that we own we know that should we need to move then it will be a far less stressful experience. In addition this taking a more minimalist mindset has made us far less attached to any of our belongings and focus on the things that are important – our relationships and lifestyle.

The purging process of reducing our belongings (we got rid of we estimate about 1/3rd of everything that we had) also has made us some extra cash which has been great while i’ve been on maternity leave. We also know that we have got a decent price for many of these things that we would not be able to if we had left it till we may need to move and get rid of things urgently in a market flooded with many other people moving.

So that is how minimalism has helped reduced the stress. Unfortunately as ultra planners we are still somewhat stressed about the situation, but minimalism has definitely given us some helpful control over the situation and ground as to what is really important in our lives.

Likewise for anyone with a life of particular uncertainty (we all have uncertain lives but some more than others) then owing less definitely gives you more freedom. It is easier to pick things up and leave where necessary. Likewise not having a lot of things that need looking after, maintenance and keeping safe definitely reduces the stress and lets you live your life to the fullest!


2 thoughts on “How Minimalism Can Reduce the Stress of Uncertainty in Life

  1. I came across your youtube-channel a few days ago and I really enjoy watching your videos. I especially liked your footage from central Australia – I travelled there and loved the desert so much that I could’t even look at the pictures for years without crying 🙂 I’m from Germany and would enjoy to see more of the area you live in. I’m a minimalist, too and I try to live a quiet, slow and hopefully quite eco-friendly life. Have a beautiful day! Jennifer

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