Repurposing some Polar Fleece Throw Blankets – Items for Babies. Polar Fleece is the best!

I had a couple of polar fleece throw blankets in in my linen cupboard, and now i’m so very glad that I did as these have been fantastic for a number of sewing projects for my baby and have really helped us out with some cloth diapering issues.

So without further a due here are all the things i’ve made from my blankets so far:

1. Sleeping Bag.
I already did a whole post on this including the pattern i made up but the inner layer of the sleeping bag used most of one whole fleece blanket.


2. Diaper Liners
These have been invaluable for several reasons. Firstly they wick away moisture so have really helped prevent nappy/diaper rash. And when Finn has had a rash then using these have allowed me to use some heavier ointments without risk of it getting on our cloth diapers and them getting wrecked.
Secondly now that my baby is on solids poos are a much bigger deal and need to get flushed down the toilet. While they do make disposable flushable liners these I found not good to use as I am then left with a liner that I have to dispose of every diaper change regardless if there is a poo in it or not. Whereas using a fleece liner i can put non-soiled ones in the diaper bucket along with the diapers which is no extra effort. When they are soiled a lot of the time all i have to do is walk it over to the toilet and often the offending poo just falls off it into the toilet. Sometimes I have to use the diaper sprayer but that isn’t always and isn’t much trouble.


3. Fleece Soaker Pants
So i have a very heavy wetter especially at night and often even the most absorbent diaper isn’t enough – disposables are no better either. For a while i had a knitted diaper cover over everything and that helped but he outgrew it. My polar fleece scraps again came to the rescue and I made some fleece soaker pants. These were so easy to make too and very quick – about 20mins work in all. What is cleaver about these is they exploit a completely different property of the polar fleece. While in diaper liner form they wick away the moisture (this occurs as the liquid is warm), by the time it gets to the soaker pants it is a lot less warm and the pant hold back the moisture from getting through! It is quite a magical fabric!


Mei Tai Baby Carrier Padding
Finally my handy polar fleece came to the rescue again this time as padding for a mei tai baby carrier that i made. I used it to pad the arm straps, around the legs, the neck and also the waist band. It is a very comfortable carrier!


So I hope this inspires you to look around your home for odds and ends that can be repurposed, such as old blankets or sheets. And in particular do not throw away polar fleece blankets – they have so many uses! I haven’t even got into other more obvious ones such as making warm clothing!
I might also now keep an eye out for blankets on sale. I’ve seen some really cute print ones at kmart online for only $5! They are probably something easy to pick up at charity stores as well.


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