No Poo Method Update!

So to those of you interested in my no poo journey. It has been 1 week!

So thus far about a week ago i firstly washed my hair using the bicarb soda/ apple cider vinegar method. And it hated it! Mostly I hated the feeling of both the vinegar and the bicarb soda solution. It made my scalp feel stingy and I hated the smell and really everything about it. I also didn’t get nice hair afterwards. It was super dry and tangled and when I brushed it with my porcupine brush (boar bristle/nylon combo)  I had very staticy hair.

I also did some reading about how long term bicarb soda isn’t good for hair due to it’s alkalinity and some people even experience real damage from it. So I decided it wasn’t for me.

But I did hope that this first off wash with it would count as a clarifying initial wash ridding my hair of old product as I couldn’t find a clarifying shampoo where i live and any google search of DIY clarifying shampoo just brings up the bicarb soda/vinegar method anyway.

So after that and some further research i came across the use of soapnuts as a shampoo alternative. Now I was pretty excited about this as i already have a huge stash of them for my laundry. I’m actually a huge fan of them for that. From what i’ve read soapnuts are used commonly in India as a shampoo and is counted as ‘no poo’ as it doesn’t strip the hair of it’s natural oils it just cleans it of everything else. It is also meant to be somewhat conditioning.

So I made up my soap nut shampoo which involves boiling the shells in water for about 20mins. I also added some tea tree oil and a teaspoon of citric acid to act as a preservative and also used some zanthan gum to thicken it up to make it a bit easier to apply. This worked quite nicely.

So about 2 days after my disastrous bicarb soda wash I washed my hair with the soap nut shampoo. I wanted to like it – it certainly wasn’t as bad as the bicarb soda. But my hair was still very dry and also it seemed like my roots were now very oily despite my had just being washed.

2 days later i thought i’d give it another go an this time use more the shampoo. I also had purchased some completely natural non-silicone based conditioner (Sukin Organics brand which is available in Australia) and this time i used a lot more soap nut shampoo and just the tinniest amount of this conditioner on the ends of my hair. Eureka! This time I was quite happy with my hair. I think this might be the perfect combination for me and allow my hair to naturally balance out and eventually get to the stage that maybe i can just wash it once a week or so or even graduated eventually to water only.

Now going forward I think i need to make a stronger shampoo in the future with more soapnuts. I think i originally used about 6 nuts to 500ml of water and I think i’m going to double that. Also I think It would be better to have a 100% natural brush so i’ll be looking out for one of them in the future. I just used the porcupine one before because that was all i could get locally.

So anyway i hope that helps anyone thinking about going no poo. I’ll do another update after using this method for quite a while in the future!


One thought on “No Poo Method Update!

  1. I am trying out a variation of no poo but so far not brave enough to try bicarb or APC – mostly because I have coloured hair. Instead I’ve slowly been increasing the gap between washes. Last couple of weeks up now up to one whole week. For shampoo I’m using a product from Italy called NouNou and so far so good. I have noticed I can last longer in between washes but still by day 4 it’s looking a bit yuck, but day 1-3 still looks great. What I have noticed is now it looks too dry now when I wash it, so I kinda prefer the less washed. I’m still experimenting so keen to see how you get on.

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