I’m going to try the No Poo Method!

So i already have a pretty minimalist beauty/personal care routine (see video below). But im contemplating taking it up a notch and going no poo! By now you have all probably heard about no poo which is the idea that you can stop using shampoo and conditioner and after a period of adjustment your hair will be much healthier. Some versions of this use baking soda and/or apple cider vinegar.

Right now seems to be a good time if ever i’m going to do this, while i’m on maternity leave as I won’t have to deal with that embarrassing transition phase while im going to work and needing to look professional.

What appeals to me about this is that it might make my personal care routine even more simple and also save us money. That being said the shampoo i use is rather cheap so i guess i’ll also do a comparison on that between the cost of baking soda and apple cider vinegar too if i go down that route.

Anyway i though this might be something I could do regular updates on my experience trying this. Everyone’s hair and scalp is different so the more people share their experience the better.

I think i might need to get a better brush though…

Anyhoo… stay tuned for an update. I’m off to do a bit of research on exactly what this might involve.



2 thoughts on “I’m going to try the No Poo Method!

  1. Tell us how it goes! I tried 5 different recipes earlier this year and each one was just a mess. I was miserable for weeks because the recipes caused build up on my hair. I quit and went back to shampoo and conditioner. I would love to see if you find a good recipe. I never wanted to do vinegar because it lightens your hair and I love my hair color

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    1. Sure thing I am planning on using vinegar though at least in the beginning. Just 1tbs in 1 cup of water though which isn’t much. There is a whole subreddit on nopoo method u should check out as there are thousands of peoole doing it there with a variety of hair types and different methods.


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