Minimalist Baby Essential List: 6 Weeks to 6 Months

Following on from my minimalist newborn list here is the things I found we could not do with out after about 6 weeks.

To summarise they are:

– toys (see video for discussion on exactly what kind)
– books
– high chair (if starting solids before 6 months)
– baby spoon (again if starting solids)
– Heavy duty night cloth nappies/diapers (regular ones became not good enough during this period)
– cot (as he grew out of the basinette), we side-carred it to our bed for cosleeping.

Obviously you’ll need bigger clothes too but the sizing varies so much baby to baby it is difficult to plan ahead for that. My baby Finn is only 5 months old but is now in the 12-18 months sized clothes in most brands. So given a lot of clothing is seasonal you can save your money if you just get the basics you’ll need regardless of the season (singlet and onesies both short and long) and worry about extra layers like jackets and thicker pants went it is getting close to winter and you have a better idea of what size your little one will be.


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