A Truly Minimalist Newborn Essentials List

A lot of ‘minimalist’ lists out there for babies really aren’t all that, and worse many are trying to sell you stuff! Now that my baby is 4 months old I have a much better idea of what i really did and didn’t need. So i’ve put these videos together to help expecting mum’s who want buy less either to save money and/or because they want to follow a minimalist lifestyle.

These items are just for the first 6 weeks of you babies life, there will be some other things you’ll need to get to build onto this for later weeks and years! I’ll probably update this list for older children later on although I think this kind of guidance is most useful when you haven’t yet had a baby and really don’t know what to get. Don’t listen to your friends who say how great their wipes warmer and fandangled baby monitor, well not if you want to be a minimalist! So here are the videos:


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