My Minimalist Kitchen Challenge

As a passionate cook I have really really struggled to follow any kind of minimalist philosophy when it comes to my kitchen. We are currently living in a rental house that does not have a room for a dishwasher so we sold it when we moved there. There result is that the kitchen is often an enormous mess with the dishes piling up far higher than there is room to even dry them on the racks. Often I have to do the dishes in ‘batches’ to finally get them all cleaned.

So in an attempt to create some order in the chaos, so that I feel better about being in the kitchen, spend less time doing dishes and also to test out what items I might want to consider getting rid of I have started a challenge!

The challenge is inspired by project 333 which is a minimalist challenge that is meant to be about minimising your wardrobe and clothing. The idea of that project is that you select a set number of clothing items for a season and pack away everything else. Then at the end of the season you can go back and decide if you really needed to own all those extra clothes after all. Well i’m doing the same thing with my kitchen. I have packed away (or made certain draws and shelves off limits for the period of this challenge) all my extra stuff. I have only left out what I think are just the essentials of kitchen utensils and are just going to keep 1 each of plates, bowls and cutlery items per person in my household (well 2 as the baby doesn’t eat solids yet).

If anyone comes over for dinner then we will get out some extra stuff for them but put it away after that.

I will start just with 1 week for this challenge and see how it goes, but i’m feeling pretty great about it right now and the kitchen is so much less cluttered.


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