How to get your own Pavo Woven Wrap at a Fraction of the Normal Price


So if you’ve been in the babywearing world for a little while you may notice everyone is going nuts about Pavo. Pavo is an American made textile brand making high-end woven wraps for babywearing. their designs are georgous,  they have amazing wearing properties that have given them a reputation as ‘the toddler wrap’ brand including fantastic grip, cushiness and support for even the heaviest bubs. They also have extremely limited edition runs that sell out seconds after they are listed for sale. Parvotees (as fans are called) will literally sit at their computers counting down the seconds to a listing and even them will more often than not miss out.  So with the hype comes the price tag to match and due to their rarity they often gain in value when they are traded inthe 2nd markets!

However there is one way you can get your own little piece of Pavo at a fraction of the normal price. In most countries woven wraps and other babywearing paraphernalia is sold and traded in Facebook groups. Often owners may decide they would like a shorter length wrap and rather than purchase a wholenew wrap they ‘chop’ it smaller. The offcut is then often sold either as ‘wrap scrap’ for sewing projects or depending on the length as a ringsling piece. That is what to look for if you want to be able to actually wear your little piece of Pavo: a ringsling piece which should be around about 2m long.

While you could send it off to get commercial converted, if you have a sewing machine ringslings are very easy to make yourself. Jan from Sleeping Baby Productions is kind enough to share her sewing instructions here
Now it is important to use the real deal rings on your sling as only these are safe. Look for the brand ‘Sling Rings’. and it is also good to use high quality threas like Gutterman 100% polyester.
And then you have a beautiful, imsanely comfortable wrap converted ringsling!

The one I made above is from a piece of Pavo Zebra Spearmint. It is the loveliest ringsling I’ve ever owned and i picked the wrap piece to convert as it looks good with one of my dressy dresses I wear to weddings and special occasions. I’ll be wearing to a few events coming up but it is far too comfortable to save just for special events.


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