Minimalist Baby Bag – Cloth Nappies & Babywearing!

People often wonder how they can carry some essential baby stuff whilst babywearing. Here is the solution I have come up with using a very simple bag I got at an op shop/thrift store.

As someone who strives to become more minimalist I also take the challenge of having really only the essentials in my bag. I think far too many people, particularly first time mums drag around far too many unnecessary things in their baby bags. Personally I find riffling around an overstuffed bag quite stressful, and babywearing as I have to personally carry everything (as opposed to pushing along stuff in a pram) gives me a real incentive to pair things down.

So my tips are to minimise your baby bag are:

  • Repack your bag for each trip so that you can customise it to have just the essentials for where you are going and for the length of time you will be out.
  • Use wet bags to organise things into categories (ie changing stuff vs your personal belongings) if your bag doesn’t have separate compartments.
  • Take a single disposable nappy/diaper as a backup to your cloth ones. That way you wont be temped to pack more than you need just incase – a disposable one takes very little room.
  • Think about having 2 bags. A shoulder bag for smaller trips and a backpack for longer. That way you can take the smallest possible bag for any trip.  If you rarely babywear on your front though a backpack may not be suitable.
  • Have items with multiple functions where possible. A teething necklace may function both as a cute accessory for you and a toy for baby to play with. If you are wearing a wrap it may also work as a blanket or nursing cover etc.

Well I hope you take up the challenge to minimise your baby bag. Feel free to comment below what you think are the essentials!


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