I Made a Ring Sling!

Featured imageWell I take back a lot of what I previously said in my last blog post about DIY babywearing. At least the negative stuff, because I now have the most fantastic homemade ring sling!

Ring slings are simple carriers that allow you to carry your baby in a single layer of fabric and adjust it with some specially made metal rings.

After my less than positive experience with the Mexican Blanket fabric from Spotlight (a craft store in Australia), I though i’d try another fabric of their’s: Mexican Poncho. This fabric was a lot thicker and had a twill weave which gives it a lovely stretch, grip and cushiness that I expect from a commercially woven wrap. And it is fabulous! It got some sling rings in medium sized and whipped up this ring sling in probably only about an hour of work following the method outlined in Sleeping Baby Productions making a pleated shoulder and bam I had the most comfy ringsling i’d ever tried! In fact I like it better than the 100% linen commercial ringsling I own.

So there you go, comfy DIY babywearing is possible, it is just important to have decently fabric. Finding that fabric is probably the hardest thing especially at a price point that is worthwhile. When I made this I also made another with a different mexican poncho fabric from the same craft store. And while these were both from the same fabric collection they could not be more different in how they felt as a ring sling. The other was only a plain weave with some kind of embroidery on it and it felt quite stiff with less stretch. Not nearly as comfortable as the one in the picture although still wearable.

For reference purposes this ring sling cost me $20 in fabric and $8 for the rings. So that is probably at least a third of the price of the cheapest commercial woven ringsling and I have some offcuts I can latter use for some other kind of project as well.


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