Tour of Our Minimalist Low Cost Nursery

In this video I give you a tour of our Nursery. We haven’t put much effort into decoration, but everything is very functional and it is easy to keep clean and clutter free. I find sitting in the feeding chair one of the most peaceful places in our home as it is the first room I  have really ‘finished’ in my quest to de-clutter and minimise to only what we really need.

If you are just beginning to get ready for a new baby, then I hope this inspires you to not get caught up in the hype that gets labeled as ‘nesting’. You do not need to have wall decals, decorative cot linens and a lot of baby contraptions (rockers, play stations etc) to have a good nursery. When it comes to baby items, every child is different. So if you can possibly get items for free or cheap 2nd hand then it will not feel that drastic to get rid of the things that don’t work for you.

Feel free to comment with what you found the most useful and essential in your nursery, and what was not.


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