Thrift Store/Op Shop Baby Shopping

About a year ago I gave myself the challenge of only buying 2nd hand clothing or an entire year with the exception of socks, underwear and shoes. This was an amazing experience as it really changed my perspective on the cost of clothing long after the challenge was finished. I don’t maintain this rule anymore but it certainly feels painful to spend $60 on a clothing item that would only cost a few dollars at an op shop. This means now I am far less likely to spend money on new clothes unless it is something I really need and cannot find 2nd hand.

Before Finn was born I set the challenge of trying to only ever buy him 2nd hand clothes, at least during this baby stage. This has worked fabulously thus far. He does has a few new clothes but these are ones that other people have bought him as gifts. I can however forsee that this may not work for us forever. He is almost getting into size 1 clothes (ridiculous since he is only 3.5 months old!). while it was very easy to find onesees in newborn size in beautiful condition 2nd hand, children typically in size 1 clothes are crawling and even walking around putting holes and stains in their clothes. Thus it is becoming very difficult to find anything in reasonable quality in this size. It seems like other people are also less likely to dress their kids at this size in onesies. I guess because their children may no longer seem like a baby at this age. However my 3.5 month old definitely is and as he is not walking, let alone rolling yet I find onesies the most convenient  (and cute) form of clothing for him. Anyway I make sure to stock up in the next size ahead of time though to give myself plenty of opportunity to hunt things down. So fingers crossed i may still find some before he gets to this size!


One thought on “Thrift Store/Op Shop Baby Shopping

  1. I have only bought thrift store clothes, my husband made the same decision, and we have only had 2nd hand clothing for our little one and my older daughter, too. This is three years and counting, and it is truly an amazing experience. All of the things that we can buy used, we do. Today I went to a second hand baby store, and I got a bag of clothes on sale for 9 dollars. There were about 15 items of clothing– and man, I felt great when I left there.

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